Raptivated: Spotify Brand Identity
​My vision was to create an esthetic of urban meets vibrant energy. Wanted it to be trendy, airy, and approachable from any customer point of view, since it primarily involves the culture of rap. The Red/White combo gives it energy​;​ even upping the red in the photography to add another engaging brand element.
LoveTings: Spotify Brand Identity
​My vision was to create an esthetic of soul meets luxury. Wanted it to really embody the playlist, because in some parts it can be bright love, but it can also be an introverted darkness. Playing off the balance of pink and a matte black, whichever is the dominant color, gives it extra range in marketability.
Meech's Pizzeria: Brand Identity
Of all the food in the world, Pizza is my favorite. So I concepted what my ideal pizzeria branding would like in the form of "Meech's Pizzeria".
Americana Foods: Brand Identity
Wanted to do a brand redesign of a real local grocery store in Detroit called "Americana Foods". Included a logo package, design packaging, and web/print marketing ads.
KLAY'S BACK: Campaign Concept
Wanted to create a Minimalist Brand Marketing Campaign for Klay's Thompson return to the court for the Golden State Warriors. The project shows the campaign on multiple assets (digital and print).
DOPE: NFL Players
Just wanted to design DOPE NFL Players from the 2020-21 Season. Featuring Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Derrick Henry, and Stefon Diggs.
Designermeech: Personal Branding
In celebration of finalizing Designermeech, LLC. wanted to formalize my personal branding as a Freelance Graphic Designer.
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